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Her mother's suit made a counterclaim alleging breach of contract and physical abuse.

Constance claimed that a verbal contract was in place where Meester had promised ,000 a month, instead of the ,500 she received.

Her second single "Your Love's a Drug" was released in 2011.

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Meester has maintained that her parents gave her a normal upbringing and, despite their criminal past, she has stated, "It made me realize that you can't judge anyone – especially your parents – for what they've done in their past, because people change." When she was 11 years old, Meester and her mother moved to New York City.At the time of her birth, her mother was serving time in a federal prison for her involvement in a drug ring that smuggled marijuana from Jamaica to the United States.She was able to give birth to Leighton in a hospital and nurse her for three months in a halfway house, before returning to prison to complete her sentence, after which Leighton's grandmother cared for her.Meester claimed that she would be willing to pay for her brother's medical expenses as well as his school tuition, but denied that she agreed to pay ,000 every month, which she stated was a ridiculous claim.Get smarter about figuring out whose dating and relationship goals fit with yours.

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