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Say goodbye to flaky friends, and lonely, empty days…To all those fabulous events you missed cause no one could come with you and you didn’t want to go alone and feel pathetic... Today An ADD Channel production starring: Stephanie Drake, Shanna Malcolm, Batia Parnass, Kerry Smith, Dominique Allen, Blake Fiegert, Ayman Samman, Bobby Reed, Ayman Samman, Ken Stachnik, Arlene Parness, John Mazzer & Leopold Nunan.• The circled area is the time of our first session, you can see how her heart-rate drops significantly.If you look, you’ll see that there’s a rise, and then another drop in her heart-rate a bit later. My roommate and I were still on a high from attending the Kenny Chesney concert Thursday night.I went back to my boring hometown, where I truly was all alone. Kat and Daley “A connection” is hardly enough to describe what Kat and Daley felt the first night they met.No more crying to your cat/dog about the last guy you dated, cause no one else is there for you in the middle of the night... Created & Written by Batia Parnass Directed & Edited by Ayman Samman Assistant director: Mona Sumibcay Camera by Ken Stachnik Art Direction by Rozine Prock Sound by Fabian Grios Jr.Say adios to going out alone for a glass of wine and having to deal with the harassment of the local heterosexual male...

She has suffered from high blood pressure for a significant period of time directly related to life stress.more »Hey Single woman, we got news for you: Your lonely days are over, RENT A GAY. Are all your girlfriends already married, some have kids and they just 'don’t have the time' for you anymore?Do you find yourself all alone, dating idiots and wishing there was something more? RENT A GAY is a safe and secure service perfect for the Single Woman who simply have had it.She reported that was when she sat down later and just thought about what we’d done.• I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a clear testament to the power of spiritual practices to impact our health before. • • #spiritualpractice #meditation #spiritualcounseling #healthymindhealthybody #tenderheart #openheart #tenderness #yourbodyknows #spiritualwarrior #spiritualgrowth #chronicillness #chronicpain #youaredivine Of course my child goes to the P2P Conference and finds the animals. she’ll grow up to do something with little kids and/or animals!

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