Who is chibi from birthday massacre dating

What do you consider, how important is Canadian music on the international scene?o-en: The Canadian scene isn’t a very big one but it’s fairly large in it’s own respective cities.Actual album “Violet” released in 2004 brought them all deserved media attention.Before their European tour Venia-Mag brings exclusive interview with singer Chibi and keyboard player o-en who helped us to introduce their band to Croatian audience.

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The band is made up of Falcore on lead guitar, Rainbow on rythem guitar, Aslan on bass, Rhim on drums, myself, Chibi, on Vocals and our newest member, o-en on keyboard.

Chibi: The Violet album was written over a period of months, it was a long process.

We recorded it at Phase One Studios in Toronto, which was interesting because Nothing and Nowhere was recorded at home. We’re very happy with how well Violet has been received.

o-en: I don’t know if I could choose only one to represent the album since there are a bunch of different styles meshed together.

Video kid and Nevermind have a bit of a bouncy 80’s feel while Blue and Lover’s End have a darker, heavier sound.

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