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It was one of the region’s most visible symbols of the youth quake that swept the country in the 60s.” But Fishtown was not visible, it was shrouded in mist.

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Fishtown was even more particular – trees were known, branches were known, even leafs were known – that was the point, and the point was not subject to explanation. A footpath went over the hill, up along a steep rocky path, and then down the other side to where Brown lived, next door to Steve Herrold’s cabin. Brown was determined to be criminally insane in 1987 and was remanded to the state institution at Steilacoom, and has remained there ever since. At that time people considered Keith Brown to be about half-crazy. He occupied his time in his river cabin by constructing electronic devices of alternative energy.The selection process was natural, as un-abstract as possible.“The splendor of the Skagit delta has always been a draw for artists, but the closest thing to a real art colony the area ever experienced was the emergence of an exotic hippie settlement in the abandoned squatters’ shacks at Fishtown in the late 1960s.Fishtown was a prolonged experiment in the style of deliberate simplicity celebrated by Thoreau and inspired by the example of two legendary Northwest Zen Buddhists, Morris Graves and Gary Snyder.Grobschmidt looked like a frog, so he took to calling the store the "Frog Hospital." Now the quonset hut, Mr.Grobschmidt, and Clyde are all gone -- only this blog survives to carry on the Frog Hospital tradition.

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