How to stop vista validating programs

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Program Overview What is the Windows Genuine Advantage Program?

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The Business Software Alliance and market research firm IDC reported in The Global Software Piracy Study (English only) that software piracy contributed to nearly billion in global losses.s mentioned previously that Microsoft intends to roll out and install a new validation update on Windows Vista via Windows Update, Microsoft is indeed very fast and has started to release Windows Vista Validation Update (KB929391) via not only Windows Update or Microsoft Update, but also through Automatic Updates feature of Windows Vista, in the category of Critical Updates.So if you enable Automatic Updates to automatically download and install all critical updates for you, the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) validation update would have been installed, and will most likely validated and detected your copy of Windows Vista is not genuine, if you using known activation workarounds of ‘frankenbuild’ activated Vista system or spoofed KMS server.In today's world, you rely on your computer to work for you and to run your business.You store thousands of photos, music collections, and important documents; you make purchases, enter personal information, and search the Web.

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