Edating script

That was certainly my dream when I began screenwriting, and what a lovely dream it is…But quickly I realized that putting all of my eggs into the spec script basket was akin to my other brilliant plan of funding my retirement with lottery winnings.If visual storytelling is what screenwriters are looking to achieve, then the lessons we take from film editing might be some of the best we can apply to our writing.

Unless you have a character that is known for their verbal acrobatics, most dialogue that differs radically from how an everyday Joe from your character’s world speaks ends up sounding fake and pulls the audience out of the story.Rules of grammar and polite conversation should be broken when that’s how people actually speak.Go ahead and end your dialogue sentences in prepositions. Don’t feel compelled to address every question that is posed to a character with a direct answer.In my own writing, I’ve found there’s a warm-up process I go through when I write a new scene. ) who’s in the scene, how they are related, and why they’re there.This is fine for first drafts but once I get into re-writing, I need to recognize that these scenes aren’t stand-alone and look at the script as a whole. conversation or action that doesn’t mean anything to the scene but just seems entertaining? Pacing can be improved dramatically in editing, but if the script is paced to move faster from the beginning, then the entire filmmaking process is built upon the strongest story possible.

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