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If you (or anyone) has grave, unconfessed sin—or has no intention of changing—why would you approach Our Lord in Holy Communion in a state that would offend and grieve him?The Sacrament of Confession—also an intimate encounter with him—prepares one to receive him worthily.Some in this situation never remarry and choose to beautifully offer their lives in reparation for the past and for the good of the former spouse.Anyone in the state of serious sin or not in full communion with Christ and his Church.That’s why divorced Protestants who wish to marry in the Catholic Church need to go through the annulment process.Some argue that a lengthy civil marriage must be “valid” in the eyes of the Church.

Civil marriages are valid; life, and love, and kids and mortgages are certainly “valid”.

This is not a reflection of who was good or bad, and is not a judgment against persons, but an assessment of truth.

It’s a complex issue that is worthy of deeper understanding and not just an emotional or quick dismissal. If your spouse petitions for a Decree of Nullity and receives one—despite your desires—you are no longer considered married in the eyes of the Church even though you wish to be, or feel that you must live as married.

But the findings of the Church in the area of marriage have nothing to do with the civil law and are about another dimension of marriage.

All validly baptized Christians (Catholic or not) are part of the one Body, one Spirit, one Church.

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